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SSD Over-Provisioning Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

SSD Over-Provisioning – What do you need to know. Over-Provisioning Explained Simply.   Samsung Solid State Drive offers a feature called “Over-Provisioning” which should extend the lifetime of the SSD and increase the writing performance. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and quick Answers to them.   What does Over-Provisioning exactly? To understand this, we… Read More »

Repair corrupted Windows JavaScript by Clean Reinstall

How to Repair JavaScript installation error on Windows by Performing a Clean installation of Java runtime.   The Problem. Sometimes a JavaScript runtime installation on Windows gets corrupted. In some cases the new installation cannot be installed because there is an old installation of Java already present. The problem begins when the old Java installation… Read More »

Block Website Advertisements without using Software or Extensions

Learn how to block annoying online Advertisements on websites without install any Software or Browser extension.   In the age of Adblock Plus it is no longer a problem to block endless Ads on Youtube or Facebook. There exist a variety of software that let the Ads disappear from websites. But all of these Adblocker… Read More »

Disable or Move Virtual Memory a.k.a Pagefile to another Hard Drive

Since version 7 Windows does not allow to completely disable virtual Memory. The pagefile will be created after next reboot as long free space is available on HDD. First of all, some questions. Is there a reason to disable Virtual Memory? No, there is really no reason to do that. It does not improve the… Read More »