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Hide video full screen alert by modifying userChrome.css file

Disable the warning “Is now fullscreen” by using Firefox customization file Firefox has introduced a feature that let you change the default Firefox design and behavior by using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) language. To start using your customizations you just need to put desired CSS tags into the “userChrome.css” file. From this moment, your browser… Read More »

Block Website Advertisements without using Software or Extensions

Learn how to block annoying online Advertisements on websites without install any Software or Browser extension.   In the age of Adblock Plus it is no longer a problem to block endless Ads on Youtube or Facebook. There exist a variety of software that let the Ads disappear from websites. But all of these Adblocker… Read More »

Compress JPG / JPEG Pictures without quality loss

Learn how to Shrink the size of JPEG Images for Achivation and storage without losing quality or size of Original Photo. Note: The Article below is reffering to a way to store JPEG pictures without wasting too much space. If you look for a way to loslessly compress JPG images without archiving them, please read… Read More »