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Repair corrupted Windows JavaScript by Clean Reinstall

How to Repair JavaScript installation error on Windows by Performing a Clean installation of Java runtime.   The Problem. Sometimes a JavaScript runtime installation on Windows gets corrupted. In some cases the new installation cannot be installed because there is an old installation of Java already present. The problem begins when the old Java installation… Read More »

Remove DRM Protection from Windows Media Video and Audio Files

DRM or Digital rights management is a way to control the copying and redistribution of Copyright protected materials such as Videos (wmv), Music (wma) and Audio Books. DRM is commonly used for Monetization of Digital copys or to limit the usage for users who don’t have a license for this Digital Copy. From the practice… Read More »

Learn how to Download really EVERY video or save a video stream

There are many ways to manage that, here are some of them. We start with the most comfortable but not sure methods and end with the most primitive but really smooth working method. 1. The Most easy way to Download a Video from a Video Sharing website is to Use the jDownloader. jDownloader is Freeware… Read More »