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Top 10 Best AdSense Alternatives in 2017 Compared

This is my honest review about the top 10 popular Advertising Networks beside Google AdSense.   This review is based on many years of experience as a publisher of these advert providers which are often considered as an alternative to AdSense.   This review is held short and clear as much as possible. introduction. If… Read More »

Top 5 Pop-Up Advertising Networks Worth Trying in 2017

This is a small comparison of the best Pop-Up Ads Providers to date.     This review is based on my experience being a publisher of these advertising networks. Unlike many reviewers on the Internet, I do not just copy information from the sponsor’s site and simply retell what sponsors are promising to their publishers.… Read More »

Block Website Advertisements without using Software or Extensions

Learn how to block annoying online Advertisements on websites without install any Software or Browser extension.   In the age of Adblock Plus it is no longer a problem to block endless Ads on Youtube or Facebook. There exist a variety of software that let the Ads disappear from websites. But all of these Adblocker… Read More »

How to Monetize Low-quality Traffic such as 404, Exit Page, Redirect.

Monetize bad Traffic of Low Quality such as Proxy Traffic, China Traffic, 404, Redirects, Exit Page.   What is Low Quality Traffic? Why it is Difficult to Monetize it? Why someone Pay for Bad traffic? Advertising Networks for Low Quality Traffic   What is meant by “Bad Traffic”. Bad traffic which is generated accidently or… Read More »