There are many ways to watch videos deleted from youtube, here are three of them.

A word before we start.

For the beginning, we should clear up one thing: Videos that have been removed from YouTube do not exist anymore. There exist no “secret place” where YouTube stores deleted videos. The files are physically removed from the server and do not exist anymore. There is no way to “fetch” deleted videos from Youtube. All web sites and software that promise to download deleted Youtube videos are nothing but a scam

Removed Youtube videos no longer exist on Youtube

But there exist a lot of websites that download videos from Youtube and save these on their servers.

Actually thousands of videos getting automatically scraped from YouTube after they are uploaded.

The explanation below will give some ideas how to find a copy of a video which was deleted from YouTube.

This means: We must work “off site” (not on Youtube) to find the copy of a deleted Youtube video.

We will use a search engine for this purpose.

We also will use three Google Search Operators to filter the results.


Minus operator “-” to disclose not needed websites and words.

lady gaga

try it out


“Site” operator to get the results from a specific site only. lady gaga

try it out


The third operator will be the quotation marks to get the exact match result of the searched term. “lady gaga”

try it out


Here is a brief reference to the Search Operators.


The second method will be based on web cache.

You may download a copy of a Youtube video saved on a cache server.

For Example if anyone request a Youtube video via a “Youtube Downloader” the video file will be downloaded from Youtube and given to the user which requested the video.

To save the server resources (to not download the same video again) the websites save the copy of this video locally on their servers.

The catch is, this video must be requested from someone earlier to get saved as a copy on a cache server.

That’s why the “cache trick” works only with popular videos which was requested frequently.

Where to find a cache server?

Youtube downloader websites are popping up and disappearing every day, use search engine to find the new one.

The biggest hope gives the Opera cache (read the third method) because millions of people using Opera and Opera’s acceleration cache servers.



Note: To start searching you need to know the Title of your video.
If you haven’t it, then read How to find the Title of deleted youtube video.

The First trick works pretty good and is available for all Internet Users.

There is a lot of Websites Scraping the Video clips from Youtube instantly after uploading. Scraping means not the Embed videos which can be Collected in bulk and played on any website.

Scraping means the Video file will be Downloaded from Youtube server to a third party server and Uploaded to another website, almost with the same title and description.

Such websites are often based in Coutries with loyal Copyrights like China and Russia, so You have good chances to find a Video which has been removed due to complain from copyright owner.

Some websites where you may find videos removed from Youtube again.

For example to search Lady Gaga videos on Youku only, use a Google search string: “Lady gaga”

try it out

Notice: There are many hundreds of websites scraping video files from Youtube available on Internet.
The sites above are just few of them, use Search engine to find more.

The second method will exctract cached Youtube videos from the web cache server.

The most simple solution is to use a web service which extract videos from Google cache. You may watch deleted videos for several weeks after being removed.

To start using savevid for the video link below

you need to add this link to savevid domain, as follow;

Now put your altered link into the Browser address bar.

Notice: There are hundreds of “Youtube Downloader” services available on Internet.
This one is not the best but good enough for this example.

Another one trick works also with webcache, you need to install the Firefox plug-in “Video DownloadHelper”

After installation give the video-link in the Address bar of your Browser and press Go.

The video appears to be removed, press the right mouse button and open the context menu of Download helper, click “download media”.

This trick like another web cache tricks works only with popular videos which are frequently requested in many countries.

If you like to Download a music video then use also months after video removal the user is able to download the audio stream of a Video.

The Third Method works with Mobile phone. This is a very popular trick, so it’s may be already fixed by youtube.

If you have no mobile phone for this, you can emulate a mobile phone browser on windows desktop. You need to install Opera-Mini browser on your Windows PC to emulate the surfing with an mobile device. Download the Mobile Opera browser for windows 7 / vista / xp.

Go to Youtube using Opera Mobile browser, go to the Video you want to Show, a message appears “This video has been removed from Youtube”. Now click the Play button fast about 10 times, sometimes the Video starts to Play. How?

Opera browser for mobile phones uses cache to deliver the content to user, some Youtube videos still saved on the cache server between Youtube and your Country, you can force to play the Cached video by causing a small overload.
Unlike Videos, Video Pictures are still saved on Youtube server and can be displayed. Read how.
Be aware.
There exist no Software that can fetch Deleted videos from YouTube. Unlike pictures, video files are removed irrecoverable and no “Removed videos viewer” can help you. Avoid usage of any software that promises you to retrieve a no more existing video from YouTube servers, this is just Kidding.
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