To figure this bug out, you need to change settings of the Adobe Plug-in until the problem is solved.

There is a lot of reasons why the Flash Player may crash.

Here some of them:

1) Disable or Enable Hardware acceleration for Flash.
Click right mouse on a Flash element and tick the box “Enable Hardware acceleration”

2) Disable Protected Mode for Flash.

Navigate to the folder C:-> Windows-> System32-> Macromed-> Flash->

Look for the File named “mms.cfg” open this file with a Text editor and Add this line:


The text inside the file “mms.cfg” should look like this:


3) Use Adobe Settings Manager to change advanced features for Flash Player.

4) You can also Remove “plugin-container.exe” process by disabling the plugin container.

Give “about:config” into the navigation bar and press enter.

A Warning will appear, click okay.

Search for “ipc”

Find a value named “dom.ipc.plugins.enabled” double click this line and change it to from “True” to “False”.

Please notice: After removal of “plugin-container.exe”, if the Flash player will cause a crash then the complete Firefox Browser session will crash instead of only plugin-container.exe process.

To save the Browser session in a “hanging browser” (While Firefox is not responding to anything).
You need to restart the Plugin container manually.
If the browser is lagging do this;
Open a Process manager of your choice or use windows task manager (press keys “Strg+Alt+Del” at same time) navigate to tab “processes”

watch out for process named “plugin-container.exe”

Click right mouse on “plugin-container.exe” process and choose the option “end process”

After this process is down, you may save your work and close the browser.

“Refresh” the website will start the plugin container again.

The best “Windows Task Manager” alternative by Microsoft. Download: (Freeware).