Premium Cookies are often used to obtain Paid services for Free.

With Help of stolen cookies it’s possible to login nearly every website using a Browser based login.

The sharing of stolen Cookies (also called “Premium Cookie”) became popular again. Since the high speed Filesharing with help of Filehosters (One click hosters) became popular, every third internet user did used the Services of Filehoster.

Here a Short Explaination how it looks like, to use a Premium Cookie.

You may find a lot of Premium Account Cookies for Oron, Filefactory, Hotlfile, Depositfiles, Rapidshare, Rapidgator, Wupload and Extabit.

The Only purpose of this Cookies is to make your Computer logged-In as a Premium Member to use the Paid services for Free.

To Insert a Premium Cookie into your browser you Need to use a Cookie editor, you may find a lot of Cookie Editors online.

You may also use a “Premium Script” for this. You may find some of them here:
premium scripts 2012

A Premium Script is simple Java script which will insert a Cookie using Java scripting.

Every particular Sharehoster have a different premium script.

For example to use a Premium Cookie for you need “Oron premium script”.

The websites do change their structure so that a premium scripts becomes useless just some weeks after release.

You may need to try a lot of scripts found on Internet until you find the working one.

If you already got a premium script do follow steps.

Example how to use Rapidgator Cookie Script; Go to and create a Bookmark (Right mouse and “Bookmark this site”).

Now click right mouse on your new bookmark, edit this bookmark.

Paste the premium script into the field “Location” and click save.

Open the Bookmark with your Browser

A frame will appear

insert the long Cookie String into this field and click ok.

Refresh the website, now You Appears as Signed-In Premium User.

Notice: As First you need to go to website whose script you are using.

Example: Go to and open your edited bookmark.

You need to open your bookmark from browser only, don’t try to create a shortcut on desktop, this will not work.