Learn how to install siriport.ru for using with Siri in five steps tutorial.

You need to jailbreak your iphone and install iFile app http://adf.ly/5Fo61 it’s freeware.

1) Install siriport.ru repo to cydia from http://repo.siriport.ru

Download repo http://repo.siriport.ru/deb/SiriPort_1.2-0.deb

MIRROR http://adf.ly/5FnyH 109.34 MB one click hoster mirror download link for sirihost.ru repo

Latest Stable version. Siriport repo 1.4

Newest siri repo package supports iOS 5.1.1 & 5.1.


Video Tutorial how to install cydia repo on The New iPad 3.

2) Open the Internet browser on your iPhone and click on certificate link, a confirmation appears click “Install certificate” for paid servers you may need to give a certificate password during installation.

3) Open iFile manager and navigate to the folder “var/mobile/library/preferences” click on blue arrow beside “com.apple.assistant.plist” set access permissions as follow; user/group/world set to read/write.

4) Go to general settings of apps, disable siri, restart iPhone and finally enable siri again.

5) Start siri and test siri proxy. sometimes the siriport.ru Servers become slow or not available, you may try it later until you get a valid response, this can take up to 24 hours.