Repair Corrupted and Undetectable USB Flash Drive

How to repair unreadable USB Flash Drive when Windows cannot recognize the USB Drive (Please insert a disk into Removable Disk). For a variety of reasons, a USB Flash Drive can get damaged and become undetectable by Windows or any other OS. If a USB memory stick is no more accessible by the actual operating(…)

Top 10 Best AdSense Alternatives in 2017 Compared

This is my honest review about the top 10 popular Advertising Networks beside Google AdSense.   This review is based on many years of experience as a publisher of these advert providers which are often considered as an alternative to AdSense.   This review is held short and clear as much as possible. introduction. If(…)

Top 5 Pop-Up Advertising Networks Worth Trying in 2017

This is a small comparison of the best Pop-Up Ads Providers to date.     This review is based on my experience being a publisher of these advertising networks. Unlike many reviewers on the Internet, I do not just copy information from the sponsor’s site and simply retell what sponsors are promising to their publishers.(…)

Reserved Usernames List

List of usernames that you need to reserve on a new system To keep away scammers, spammers, trolls and bogus user, it is strongly advised to make these usernames not available. Members with these nicknames can confuse or trick out other users on your blog, board or server. For security reasons, please keep these names(…) © 2017 Privacy Policy Cookies Policy